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Three Methods to Appeal to Prosperity

one. Bagha
2. Positioning
three. Rhythm For Money-Magnet</p>

You and I are skeptics, and that indicates we disbelieve most of what we listen to and examine, except if we are presented with proof. We take into account ourselves followers of Lead to-And-Influence, not superstition, correct?

This is plain common-sense. Einstein explained, 'Common-feeling is the accumulation of our prejudices for the first eighteen years of our lives.' But widespread-feeling is better than believing nonsense, and currently being a fool. We are and stay useful individuals, skeptics.

Skeptic is Latin for thoughtful, inquiring, and to examine, search. Synonyms are: doubters, unbelievers, cynics, leery, and questioning. Wonderful qualities say I.

But with a history in law, we have been trained to definitely reject beliefs and suggestions devoid of controls. We help the scientific technique. Indicate me the verified final results of experiments. We require and need proof prior to we give away our mind, correct? Has it been replicated by other people? Why not? We are skeptics who go through and listen to suggestions and beliefs, no matter how outrageous, and request for evidence.


The Bagha is more than 4-thousand a long time outdated and a aspect of ancient Yoga. What is it? You location the suggestion of your tongue for a split 2nd to the front location of the roof of your mouth. Why? When you bring about this physical (aware) act, and simultaneously create a psychological-motion picture (visualize) a target, you increase the odds of attracting and manifesting your dreams and ambitions.

So What

If you use the Bagha for protection from negative energies encompassing you (sick people in a hospital),

It affects your Emotional reactions to your situations. We are social emotional animals, and employing the Bagha plays into equally those human qualities, instincts, and programming.

Wait a minute - what transpired to manifesting? Einstein also said, 'Do your personal head-experiments.'

Use the Bagha (touch the tip of your tongue to the front roof of your mouth) when you feel stressed, panicked, or anxious. Say, "Bagha - Protection". Does it function? It is your experiment, so you determine.

Is it scientific? Mistaken question. Does it perform for you? Is it merely a coincidence? Final results are the only proof we all acknowledge, right? Napoleon Hill said, "What we can conceive and belief, we can achieve."

He was an arch skeptic, but he tested the effectiveness of several strange suggestions.


Huh? 5-minutes prior to coming into the Poker Tournament area do a Bagha. Shut your eyes without having becoming clear, generate, visualize and envision a time in your life when you have been outrageously profitable

with regards to income. For me it was in the vault of my bank, counting my municipal bonds and stacks of Ben Franklins. Seize that incident again for ten-seconds. See the mental-film and experience it.

But what if you have never had a wealth minute of outrageous good results? Follow Professor William James, who developed the Law of Acting-As-If. He said, mentally pretend as if you did have this sort of an experience, and visualize it now. He taught at Harvard Health-related School and considered in the strength of the thoughts to use expectation to appeal to success.

Now visualize from wherever you are now - in the casino. Use your V-A-K senses (visual-auditory-kinisthetic) and add if suitable, Gustatory (flavor) and Olfactory (odor). Oh yeah, Kinesthetic is tactile, haptic, your perception of touch (emotions). Visualize what?

Mentally visualize the approach of the Poker tournament as you want it to play out. Use your senses to imagine yourself taking in the Jackpots usually. See your self smiling and laughing and raking in your chips. How prolonged?

Ten-seconds aregood, 20-seconds are greater.

Thirty-seconds, damaged up into two fifteen-2nd segments are superb. Now visualize the hostesses bringing you wine and caviar, and really feel and style them as if you are in fact consuming them with relish. The Bagha is supplying you a sense of emotional confidence. You are feeling sharper going into the Poker place. Pay out strict interest to your thoughts experiment.

Will this Bagha nonsense appeal to prosperity, money and success to you? It is your mind-experiment, you decide based mostly on the results, correct?


Every single imagined human have are situated on a specific territory of your mind. Positioning is finding these places to use in the existing to attain your goals and burning desires. Huh?

Make-believe (law of Acting-As-If) you have a big clock in your fingers. Assume of a foods or drink you dislike and steer clear of like the plague. For several individuals that believed (emotion) is located at 7pm. That is its mental placement. Now feel of meals or drink you totally love to consume. For many it is positioned on your mental clock at 1pm.

If you want to lose fat you prevent delightful but fattening foods by reversal. When you get the wish for say, chocolate, use your creativity to tune into 7pm - the meals you loathe. Now your wish and flavor for chocolate disintegrates emotionally.


Visualize a time you had been quite lucky and maybe won the Jackpot. It could have been when you have been a child at a sport or sport or playing poker. Bring back again that emotion with all your senses, see it, listen to the seems, and sense your sensations of success. That mental location is just over your forehead - say, twelve noon.

Now enter the Poker Area, and intentionally transfer your eyes 'Upward' toward your forehead.

How long? Two-2nd is nice, 5-seconds is better. When you Position your brain to prior success youset off your brain to bring about equivalent situations. When I witnessed an experiment with Positioning, she won the 1st jackpot.

I attributed that to coincidence and random luck. Following she won the second Jackpot, I was shocked.

There was far more to come but I do not want to develop a gambler's mindset that would destroy your brain experiment integrity.

Cash Magnet

Wealth is entirely (one hundred%) about your mindset. So is winning at the Poker Table. There may possibly be such a issue as money-consciousness. What is it? A Rhythm (vibration) that attracts dinero to some fortunate people. Some say it is the use and regulation of your Electro-Magnetism. That is your vibrational-frequency.

Is it actual? Google: brainwaves, beta-alpha-theta-delta. See: Electroencephalogram. 


Can you tense your shoulders, neck and head and sustain it for about ten-seconds? Do this in the Poker Area. Concurrently see, visualize and envision oneself winning the Jackpot. This is a method, so see the total hand becoming played out in your mind, not just the conclude item of successful the Jackpot.

Release the strain in your shoulders, neck and head after each and every hand. Maintain the pressure for no much more than 10-seconds at a time, and then release. Wait until the subsequent hand and do it once more, even though visualize your burning desire. You might be affecting your electro-magnetic vibrational frequency.

Can you visualize income flowing, flying and attracting itself to your fingers? That's specifically what mental gamblers do. They get in touch with it being a Funds-Magnet. Does it truly work, you ought to decide if you are willing to do a thoughts experiment. What I have seen threatens my status as a skeptic.

Examine out 'Mad-Mike, the Poker Pro'. He trains college students to 'Hijack Casino Poker Tournaments'.

Who cares - we are skeptics, correct?


You and I are not gamblers. We do not spend $twenty weekly on profitable at Lotto. We believe in trigger-and-result, coincidences, and are not superstitious. In fact we are skeptics. If one thing performs that goes in opposition to our mindset, do we deny it or want to know more?

More to come. See ya. 

Copyright © 2011 H. Bernard Wechsler. 

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